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Examples of Sensuous and Erotic Spanking

The start position


It is impossible to explain rationally the need to be spanked but, experience has shown, that for many ladies there appears to be a need. They need to hand over control of their bodies to an outsider for domination.

As they explore the Internet they find my sites and reading my examples, information and stories appears to have an erotic effect which creates the urge to try 'reality' spanking and it is this I set out to satisfy.

Men have always had their 'dommes' who thrash and humiliate them at 175 per hour. In ladies it has been sublimated and, although feeling the need, have had few opportunities to indulge it. After all 'Spanking Clubs' are mens' preserves where the only ladies have been subs paid substantial sums to be beaten.

Several years ago while visiting a spanking club I was concerned about the way the subs were being treated. many of the men had no concept of how and where to spank and frequently the girls were marked in the wrong place. I also found that ladies put themselves in harms way by contacting men on the internet 'chat' lines and risking damage by going to rendevous with men who had no knowledge or experience of spanking. In one example a lady who later visited me went to a hotel with a man for caning and was badly hurt. The man became frightened and cried saying he had never spanked anybody before and would never do so again. It was the 'fantasy' which had encouraged him ! I have now rehabiitated the lady with a long relaxed sensual spanking and you can read her email below.

After this beginning I created my website 'The Disciplinarian' to advise on all forms of spanking. Since starting 'The Disciplinarian' 14 years ago I have had a large correspondence and an increasing number of ladies who wish to be spanked in a 'safe' environment where the spanker is out to satisfy the needs of the lady, not his own. I have been amazed at the way requests to me have grown and in the past 10 - 12 years I have had many visitors, some for one session and others who visit on a regular basis. I also receive many requests for help and advice from ladies and couples who cannot visit. I have also been able to guide ladies who want to try the 'reality' of spanking before asking their husband/partner.

To make sure I understood everything myself I spent two years 'switching' (although I am not a 'switch' by inclination) with two experienced submissives who taught me about both giving and receiving the hand and all the instruments.

One of my absolute rules when anybody visits is that "nothing happens that you don't want to happen but I am in charge and we will travel as far along the spanking route as you are comfortable with.". This policy has worked well over time and ladies who are timid on their first experience often enjoy experimenting on later visits. One other very useful addition I have found is offering telephone calls. This allows any lady who MAY want to visit to talk to me in complete anonimity and ask any questions they wish, some also find talking through a spanking erotic in its own right.

Who needs Spanking?

This 'need' shows up in ladies of all ages and I have enquiries from ladies aged 17 - 70 years, However the majority appear to be from 35 upwards - an age when they appear to have more freedom to express themselves and can act to satisfy their own needs. One of the most important things is to ensure that ladies of all ages and sizes can visit. The two questions I am most often asked are "What ages do you take?" and "I am a rather large lady is that OK?" tTo both the answer is YES. All that is rquired is the wish to be spanked and a 'willing' bottom ready for whatever it receives. The other question is "What do you charge?". I charge NOTHING, that is correct my service is FREE. I used to charge when I travelled but now as you need to visit me with the cost of petrol or rail travel I charge nothing as I want you to enjoy my services.

These needs manifest themselves in many ways. For some the actual spanking is enough but for others 'play' is part of the experience they crave. For some a short hard spanking is sufficient while for others a long session with lots of spanking and play is preferable. I try to deal with both. For me it is important that they have absolute trust in me sure that I will NEVER go beyond their limits.

The actual examples below are genuine recent ones which show different facets of spanking and also the total trust that must exist between the spanker and spankee.

If that 'magic' relationship is achieved then spanking is an experience which can give the ultimate in'pain and plaasure'.

Below I set out a typical session followed by examples

What is the difference between this and other spanking?

Sensuous spanking is the development of a relationship between the spanker (or top or dominant) and the spankee (or bottom or submissive) which gradually produces total and complete submission of the bottom and total trust between the partners. The top can only develop this by being sensitive to every nuance of the progress of the submissive as she relaxes into his control. She must finish up with total belief in this control and accept everything which is given to her. This does not mean it is sexual. It is similar to the psychiatrist and his client, or the doctor and his patient it is a complete trust between the two parties.

This is not punishment in any sense and in the next few lines I hope that I can show the way that it should develop. I will uses two main examples the hand and strap and the cane. However if you want to see what must be the definitive article on Sensuous Caning go to Sexuality Org and read the article by Conrad Hudson.

Preliminary comments

The use of massage etc. Before discussing the use of implements it is important to explain the use of massage and why I emphasis it constantly.

The 'bottom' or spankee is about to undergo stress - this is self-evident - and the 'top' or spanker must do all that he, or she, can to overcome this. It is not our purpose to eliminate pain. This is part of the whole experience but this pain must be within the context of the totality of the experience. If one takes the example of a person being caned as a a punishment as soon as they walk in this is 'cold caning' and means that the person just requires to be beaten. There are plenty who enjoy this and sobeit! The experienced spanker with the usual client knows however that spanking is a progressive experience each stage building on the plateau of the previous level. Thus it is important that at every point the bottom and mind of the spankee is prepared fully for the next stage.

How do we do it?
The best way to proceed is to start with hand-spanking over clothes and to massage the bottom after every few smacks, gradually removing the clothes by lifting the dress and then lowering the knickers as the bottom gets warmer. Without this smoothing, caressing etc the bottom becomes numb and anesthetized and there is no pleasure in the pain only a dull acceptance. The spanking should gradually warm up the bottom while the massaging, kneading and handling keep the blood active and stimulates the nerves in the bottom. At the same time it helps the client to relax into themselves. It is a fact that in cold weather it takes longer to warm up the bottom of a client than in the summer and it is important that after a rest the hand-spanking is used again to to reactivate the bottom before using any other implement. This is a part of the procedure which is not stressed enough and practitioners who do not use use it are causing unnecessary distress to their clients.
Finally in this preamble it should be noted that the massaging etc continues THROUGHOUT the spanking - even during a caning.

Hand and Strap

The first part of this spanking is over the knee or on the lap but it is very difficult to arrange the sub if you are only using one chair as the angles and positions do not allow for relaxation by either party. It is much better to sit on a settee (or sofa) with the sub spread across the top of the legs and lap allowing her to lay horizontal along the settee. This position is very relaxing and if there is a cushion at the head end then the sub can rest her head on this. The alternative is to have two or three chairs, sitting on the centre one.

This will still allow the sub to lay horizontal. Using the settee as a base the spanker sits upright with the sub spread along the lap.

The bottom should be over the spanker's right knee, assuming he/she is right-handed. It is usual to allow the sub to start with her dress still in position and her knickers still on. One point to make is to be sure to deal with both buttocks equally. I have met a sub where the left buttock was much more sensitive than the right because most of the strapping and caning had been done from the left side thus hardening up the right buttock as the end of the strap and the tip of the cane fell there.

Finally the knees should be at least six inches apart, this enables you you tell when the sub is getting restless as they begin to squeeze their legs together.. Once both of you are comfortable you are ready to begin.

Sensuous spanking is a steady progression of force. The hand spanking starts with four or five very gentle spanks with the closed hand across each buttock. The spanker then gently strokes and massages the bottom area before applying another five or ten strokes to each side with slightly greater force. His stroking can continue down the outsides of the legs gently 'whispering' up the inside sliding the dress up as he progresses. the whole effect should be to stimulate the senses and make everything else that happens more erotic. He then lifts the dress over the back exposing the knickers before continuing . Again it is important to massage and stroke the whole buttocks area, top, sides and between the legs, the latter with gentle fingertips to make sure that sensation remains and is being stimulated and enhanced by the combination of the spanks and caresses.

sensuous spanking

By now the sub is so relaxed as to be almost in a trance and the spanker should during his stroking and caressing slide the knickers down below the thighs to leave the bottom bare for the rest of the spanking.

No heavy spanks.
Keep the touch rhythmic and light as you are trying to enhance the emotion and not shock the sub. Continue like this for several minutes - maybe ten or fifteen - still using the same technique of spanking each side five to ten times alternately and then smoothing and caressing the whole area.

The sub will happily accept one hundred to one hundred and fifty spanks under these conditions. By the time you have finished this part your sub will have relaxed completely and be under your total control. She will TRUST you implicitly!

Now it is time to talk and use the hands all over the body. Keep the sensations in the whole body alive. Let the sub FEEL your hands as they move and explore her feet, calves, thighs, that you can find. You want the bottom relaxed, explore the muscles of the back, buttocks and legs and make them feel a pleasure to the sub wherever you touch. The sub is now completely in your hands and it is time to move on to the strap. For this I would use a lightweight strap with two or three tongues. The sub must be either laid across the settee, along a table or bent over a chair holding on to the lower rungs. In the case of the settee or table make sure that you place a cushion under the buttocks to push them into the air. If using the chair then a cushion on the top will make sure that the sub is standing on tip-toe thus exposing the buttocks better. Again in all cases the legs should be apart. The reason for this is that increases the target area. I will concentrate on the chair position but would remind you that with a table you must move from side to side and with the settee you must change the position of the subs body from left to right occasionally to be sure that you do not favour one buttock over the other.

spanking with strap

We must still remind ourselves that this is sensuous spanking and we are not flogging a recalcitrant bottom. We will give some pain but the sting imparted with each blow must gradually become a warm glow which permeates the sub.

Assuming the dominant starts from the left, lay the strap across the buttocks to ensure that the end just reaches the middle of the far buttock.

As I explained in a earlier page this is because the very action of striking drags the arm across the body meaning that the end of the strap will reach the far side of the right buttock but NOT curl round and damage the sides.

The arm is drawn back and the strap is snapped across the buttocks. Each strike is just enough to bring a reaction but not to cause acute discomfort. It should just sink into the bottom leaving red marks but no bruising or lines. The strap works its way from the centre of the buttocks upwards and downwards always striking rhythmically. use the the strap to slap gently at the upper thighs, where the fold below the buttocks is. This again will enhance the effect BUT no hard strikes here. Take the strap up and down the back and let it slither across the spine down to the buttocks. Again after about ten strokes then the hand soothes and massages the reddened area as well as caressing between the legs. The action is repeated again before changing sides to give the left buttock the firmest strike. As the spanker continues with his actions he can step up the strength of the blows. Again as with hand spanking this can continue for up to one hundred strokes. With many clients these actions are enough to stimulate an erotic impulse. The spanker cannot control this but whatever the sub does he must still continue his spanking. Often the end is an orgasm by the client but again I must emphasize that the spanker is NOT there for sex and should not react in any way.

The Cane

As I stated at the top even when using the cane, you should start with the hand-spanking as this gets the bottom in the right relaxed state for the experience. I will assume that you have read the notes above.
Although the ideal caning position is laying down on a table with a cushion to raise the buttocks I find that this is very difficult to achieve because of the lack of availability. I will therefore assume that you are using a chair.


As with the strap the client must be laid right over the back of the chair so that they are on tip-toe leaving the full buttock area exposed to the cane. The hands must be stretched down to grasp the bar below the seat and the feet either side of the chair legs.

The legs should be spread so that the feet are outside the chair legs. This is the perfect exposed position which allows for full play.

To most people the cane is a fearsome instrument associated with punishment so it is important to keep the relaxed feelings they have by making the cane an instrument of pleasure rather than dread.

The bottom is a large target and as long as you remember a few simple rules then there is nothing to fear. Do not strike high - this should be impossible if you have the bottom in the correct place and using a good technique. Do not strike too low - the thighs are not the place to hit. Do not raise the cane above the head but keep it horizontal or even hitting slightly upwards. Flick do not swing the arm. Experiment with a cushion and try to hit from on high or with a fixed arm I will bet that you miss the target more often than you hit!

The bottom is in position and ready.
They are fearful of the cane so now you tease them. Strike gently, two or three light strokes quickly, try to make the cane hardly touch the skin and then two or three taps slightly harder.The breathing of the bottom will now be more relaxed and ready. Remember still keep massaging and caressing. Watch and feel the muscles and you should be able to see and feel them relaxing. Now try a harder stroke between the lighter ones - not hard but harder. This will alert the bottom to the next stage without alarming them. Now you can continue using a few harder strokes within the overall use of the cane. You can apply light strokes to the inside of the thighs just 'touching' but not striking the vulva. At no time must you use it with power - it is your control which will make the experience pleasurable while still having that special effect on the bottom.


Using this technique you can continue for quite a long time, up to fifty or sixty strokes are not unusual, without ever distressing the sub. Remember that the caressing and loving is still important. As at all times only experience can show when is the right moment to stop. The nearest I can suggest is when the sub is completely relaxed and breathing normally, almost as though asleep, you will feel that NOW is the moment. Then finish with two sharp, but not cruel, strokes which will often finish them off and bring them to orgasm.

The bottom should now be in a state of complete submission and a look at the example will show that the buttocks are well reddened and still in a state of stimulation within the acceptable target area. The cane marks show but they only show as red lines without any dark purple weals which are the results left after punishment beatings.
What happens now? If the sub has come on their own then a cup of tea and a talk is all before sending them on their way, or leaving their home if you are visiting. If they have come as a couple then leave them on their own to make their own dispositions.

Following on from what I wrote above this is spanking which is designed to allow the natural erotic instincts in most ladies who are interested in spanking to be developed as far as they wish.
For many ladies, especially those who have ready my stories in Spanking-Stories, find that they match with their own instincts. Many ladies who contact me say that they often masturbate while reading, or after finishing, a story. This is the instinct which draws them to trying spanking for themselves.
Will the 'reality' be as pleasurable as the 'fantasy'?
Experience show that for many it is, although for a small minority 'reality' is a failure and they just continue to get their thrills from the 'fantasy' of the stories. As the examples below show though for many it opens up a new world of pleasure for them.

In this section I am going to take you through from the start the way I develop a sensuous spanking session and

Before the visit.

It all begins when the lady telephones me to make an appointment. Here we discuss generally her needs and my approach and we then set up a time and date for her visit to me. Let me establish here that ladies visit me on a CONFIDENTIAL basis and all I request is a Christian name.

When the tim and date have been agreed I recommend that they should dress in bra, panties or 'g' string, suspender belt and stockings. They should wear a dress with a wide skirt. If they prefer to travel in trousers they should change on arrival. Finally as many of my visitors are middle aged and well built I point out that size is not important but interest ins spanking and being spanked is the only criteria.

On Arrival

The arrival of my visitor (let us call her Anne) is always fraught as she was doubts, I do not know her and we both have to make contact quickly. When Anne enters the first thing I say to her is that
"Welcome! Please understand that you are now under my control but nothing will happen that you don't wish to happen. Subject to that you are in my hands. Do you understand and agree."

Once Anne has agreed we sit down and have a cup of tea and a chat. I try to find out how she has found she had an interest in spanking, etc. Often the answer is that her husband is not interested but she has reached the 'menopause' her children are now at secondary school, or grown up and she wants to see whether the stories she has read on my website and made her so wet really do what they say.

Tea and sympathy was finished and now we began ! I sat in the middle of my long settee and Anne spread herself across my body and along the settee with her head tucked into some cushions and her bottom in front of me. I started stroking her bottom over her dress and almost immediately she tucked herself deep in.

Now I started spanking - gently at first and then harder I spanked while massaging. After a few minutes Anne was so relaxed that it was time to lift her dress. This exposed her bottom. It was covered with black silk lacy knickers and a similar lack lacy suspender belt held up her stockings.

Even under this her soft bum cheeks felt warm and and were the perfect size for spanking. Slightly harder and slightly faster I spanked and she gasped a little as even through her knickers she was begining to feel the sting. My massaging brought a purr from her and "Beautiful" as she wriggled like a cat. It was clear that she was enjoying the experience.

Now I spent several minutes with hard, soft and fast, slow all the time making sure to massage her bottom. Soon it was time to draw the knickers into her bum cheks so that her bum cheeks were bare. At the same time I drew them in I also pulled on them so that her pussy lips were being rubbed by the gusset.

By now her bottom was red and again she gasped as my hand met her bare bottom for the first time. The "SMACK" as it landed drew a response but she still remained still as I now peppered her bare buttocks with my hand. The cheeks were getting very red and I gave them plenty of massage.

Anne was ready for her knickers to come down and as I eased my fingers inside the waistband so she lifted herself a little to help me. I pushed them to the ground and her bum was exposed in all its glory. Uncovered she had large well shaped bum cheeks with dimples either side which flexed as she waited for me.I Her thighs were firm but not too thick and her well formed calves led down to shaply ankles and feet.

I began to spank again for about fifty strokes before I began to massage. Now I gently moved my fingers to the inside of her thighs and massaged and caressed there. As I did show she parted her legs. I went back to spanking and massaging. Now I as I massaged the inside of her thighs my fingers strayed higher. This was the test and Anne spread her legs wider. As I touched I felt her oozing spend between her thighs. I felt her quicken and her legs parted even further.I was not ready yet and so went back to spanking for about fifty more strokes.

It was clear that she was enjoying the spanking and play and was eager for me to explore further. I massaged again and this time moved my finegers down the crack between her bum cheeks past her anus and to the edge of her pussy. I ran my thumb down several time and she was eagerly waiting . But it was more spanking to rouse her libido even higher.

This time after caressing I let my fingers touch her pussy and hunt up her clitoris. It was firm and already aroused. She drew in her breath as I touched and cried out with pleasure - but it was still not time to let her orgasm. I spanked again and again. Her bum looked a little sore but she was still eager for more.

I drew my thumb down her bum crack and as I did so I felt her anus flexing. I added a condom to my index finer and covered it with KG jelly. I eased the finger inside her anus and she squeezed the cushion as she tried to stop crying out. My finger slid in deeper and I drew it in and out faster and faster as she bucked under me. I removed my fingers and took off the condom before taking a rest.

Now I made her stand in front of me and remove her skirt. As she did so immediately in front of me I saw her engorged pussy lips peeping through her dark pubic bush. She looked down as I aunfastned the left suspender and rolled her stocking down and off. Next I removed the right stocking before finally unfastening her suspender belt.

She was naked from the waist down but had no inhibitions and was clearly proud of her figure. I sat back on the settee and she lay back in the crook of my arm relaxing. I fondled her pussy as we chatted about what had happened to-date. She said that it was even better than she had expected and she ws waiting for the next part. I warne her that she could only orgasm when I allowed her to do so. Erotic spanking was a balance between pain and pleasure and it was the two elements together which made the perfect session.

Now it was time to start again and this time I blindfolded her and made her bend over the back of a chair with her legs wide apart. I gave her two dozen had spanks to warm her bottom up again before taking up a strap. "CRACK" it landed across both bum cheeks and the sting made her rear up and squeal. I told her to get down and lashed the strap down five more times before I slid my fingers deep into her sopping pussy. She buckeed as I moved them in and out and then I told her she could cum. She backed on my fingers and I felt her hot wet spend cover my fingers as she shuddered to a climax. I removed my fingers and promised her that this was the first of many.

I now told her to remove her blouse and brassiere as I wanted her naked. She had no hesitation in unfastening the buttons of her blouse and sliding it off her shoulders she lay it on the back of the chair. I saw that her brassiere was similar to the rest of her underclothes and I went behind her and unfastened it. it slipped off her shoulders and her full breasts were expeosed. As I slipped her brassiere off so I caressed her breasts and felt the engorged nipples. She turned round and I saw her breats were well formed and thedark aureoles surrounding her nipples were a perfect match.

I sent her back over the chair back and this time I new she was eager and ready so gave her two dozen sharps trokes with the strap across her bum. Now she was beginning to feel the full pain and pleasure combination so I brought her back over my knee and massaged her hot sore bum before using my fingers on her pussy. I told her to orgasm when she was ready and again it was a massive release which sent hercum across my fingers. I then took my vibrating anal dildo and after covering with KG Jelly I slid it into her anus. She lifted against it crying out with pleasure and I sought out her pussy with my fingers. Orgasm after orgasm ensued before she collaped gasping. Again we stopped and sat back on the settee with Anne in the crook of my arm. I played with her pussy and breasts as she told me that she had been needing this and what was to follow. I told her to wait.

We then repaired to my office at the other side of the bungalow and here I had my spanking bench already in place. I told Anne to bend over it and fastened her legs to the side uprights so that they were spread wide. I explained that now we were going to test her fortitude. I took up the strap and brought it across both buttocks with a "CRACK". It rose and fell two dozen times more before I massaged her bottom cheeks. I felt between her legs and slid my fingers inside her vagina paying with her 'g' spot. She reared and bucked but I stopped and again two more dozen with the strap before again another break. We returned to the lounge.

We returned to the settee and I suggested that after another handspanking I would massage her bum with baby oil to ease the sting and then it would be time to finish. We did so and then Anne dressed and got ready to leave for home. She gave me a quick peck on the cheeks and said.
"When I came I didn't know what to expect and I was very worried but throughput it has been perfect. I never believed that sensual spanking could be so erotic. Thank you again and strangely I knew that i could trust you. I will give you a call in a month or so to come again."

I later received an email from Anne which I shall print in full to show you how one lady responded.

It has now been twenty four hours since I visited you and as I sit on my sore bottom at the computer I thought I would like to give you a few comments on my visit.
Firstly I must say that I was very apprehensive when I arrived and you said that I would be under your control. Would you take advantage of me and I must admit that rape went through my mind. I need not have worried as at no time were you anything but courteous and gentle and, as you led me through the two hour session, I found that I never had any feeling that you would go beyond what I wished.
Now to the session. I cannot do justice to the pleasure I received -as well as the pain. My husband and I have not been intimate for several years and even when we were I never had orgasms. In fact reading your stories I thought that you exaggerated and they were a myth. Now I know differently and HOW ! From the time you started spanking me to the time I left I found that I had what can only be called a 'rolling system' of orgasms which went from the first one as your fingers entered me for the first time until the massive final climax after the strapping across the bench.
I enjoyed the way that you gradually built me up and the way you held me from coming until YOU decided was magical. The way you switched from hand spanking to the strap and back again also gave the pain and pleasure you promised. Never too much of the first and plenty of the second.
I also was surprised when we rested and I lay back naked in the crook of your arm. Although you played with me it was never in a way which frightened me.
I am rambling on like a schoolgirl who has found a new toy but felt I had to tell you "Thank you for your time and expertise which sends me hope that I am now entering a new era of sensuality and as I read you stories I will understand what the ladies are feeling.
I will definitely be coming again but it will probably be a month before I can visit but meanwhile a may call you for a telephone spanking to remind me of the pleasure I have had.
Best wishes and I hope all your visitors have the sme pleasure I had.

Since this Anne has been three more times!

This is an example of a lady who visited me last weekend. I will call her June

June had driven about 120 miles to get to me for her spanking and arrived at 9pm. I had spoken to her on the telephone so nrew that she was open-minded and wanted me to develop the program for her. When she arrived I gave her the usual greeting that "From now on you are under my control BUT nothing will happen that you don't want to happen but I will take you as far along the way as you wish to go. Do you agree."

She smiled and agreed. She had already told me that she was rather large and I had told her that size was no criteriaa only the wish to be spanked.

We went into the lounge and I took her over my knee and started handspanking over her dress. I continued this for several minutes before lifting the dress and spanking over her knickers. She was beginning to enjoy herself and I soon drew in her knickers and spanked her bare bum cheeks. More spanking as orgasms were on MY terms and then I told her to stand up and remove her skirt. After coming back over my knees I explored again and found that her interior was wet through. She moaned with pleasure as my fingers went deeper. More handspanking and massage before I continued my exploration and I felt her buck against my fingers. It was time for her first orgasm and with a dozen thrusts I brought her to a climax.

We rested for several minutes. here I wpuld usually have taken her to the spanking bench but she was too large so I told her to lay face down on the bed. She did so with her head in the pillow and her legs parted. I took up a strap and spanked her across her soft bum cheeks. Not to hard but two dozen strokes again aroused her and I saw her fingers searching under her body for her pussy. I spanked her again and used my own to give her another orgasm. I looked at the clock by the bed and well over an hour had passed since we started.
Now it was time for more of the strap and then the cane. Not hard but a dozen strokes which stung but did not mark. She was bucking again and was ready for my fingersand she came to a shuddering climax. She lay still and I lay, fully dressed beside her. I told her to turn over and part her legs and when she was on her back I spanked her pussy two dozen times with my hand. This brought cries of pleasure and more wriggling.

Again it was time for a rest and we lay there relaxed as she rested. We were like this for about a quarter of an hour before I began again.

Now it was more strap and cane and my hand until she was again bucking and lifting her body off the bed with pleasure. I fondled her nipples which stood out like nuts and this seemed to give her more pleasure again.

Again we rested and then she was face down fore the strap and the cane. Lots and lots of soft gentle ones to stimulate not to hurt folled by more pussy spanking and the introduction of my vibrator. This brought even ore of a climax as I reamed it in and out of her pussy going deep and shallow. She was weeping with pleasure now and was on a permanant 'high' as the erotic pleasures rolled over her.

Finally we had to finish as it was midnight and, still fully dressed, I took her into the lounge and lay her across my knees before rubbing baby oil into her buttocks to ease the journey home.

I had fulfilled my responsibilities and given June the maximum pleasure during the three hours she was with me.

Here is the unsolicited email I received from June yesterday.

Hi Alan,

Thank you very much for what you did for me on Friday night, my bum has just about recovered!!! I didn't want to stay all night, anyway I couldn't, I had to get home for my daughter.
I didn't mean to be rude or selfish, but I really did only come to you for punishment. You gave me exactly what I wanted, and what I have longed for for years. I intended to play with myself, if you allowed me of course, while you spanked and strapped me. So you fingering me and using the vibrator was a bonus.
Thankyou once again.
I have obviously never been in a situation like that before, so I wasn't quite sure how to behave, or if I could speak without being spoken to. Once again Alan, I am very grateful for your help.


Anne had never been spanked but she telephoned me on Wednesday to ask me about visiting. At the same time she asked me to 'talk her through' would happen if she came. I took her through what would happen if she visited and it soon became obvious that she was already aroused just listening to me and I heard at lest two orgasms at the other end of the telephone. She explained that it would probably be three weeks before she could visit but would get back to me with a date in the next few days. An hour later the telephone rang and it was Anne saying she couldn't wait so could she come on Friday. She would arrive late afternoon as she had a long drive but she very excited at the possibilities. She trusted me and would leave herself completely in my hands.

Anne arrived on time looking very nervous but excited. As she came through the door she said "I am so looking forward to this evening"

Here was a lady who came in a receptive mood but I must be careful. When somebody has such expectations on their first visit it is important that I don't spoil there day. This is the moment of truth when their expectations are fulfilled - or dashed.

Anne went into my spare room to change out of her slacks into a skirt and blouse - the recommended dress for spanking. She returned from changing smiling and eager. I sat on the sofa and told her to go across my knees. She lay down with her head in the cushions at one end and her bottom in front of me. I started spanking over her skirt and she soon relaxed as I spanked for several minutes. As I spanked it was obvious that she was enjoying herself. I asked her how she felt and she gave a long 'humm' of approval.

Now came the first test as I lifted her skirt and she felt the cool air as her knickers were exposed. They were black lace knickers with loose legs. She made no reaction and my hands fell across her knickers. Now the spanking was harder and she felt it more but she was obviously enjoying it. I was spanking for several minutes before I drew her knickers into her bum crack. Now her red bum cheeks were bare and there was more sound as I spanked away. As I did so I pulled her knickers into her buttocks so that they rubbed against her pussy .

I put my fingers inside the waistband of her knickers and gently eased them down over her buttocks. Anne lifted her body and helped me lower them down her legs and off her feet. Her buttocks were now completely exposed and before spanking I massaged them for several minutes. Then I spanked hard and soft, fast and slow watching her bum turn first a light red and the a deeper hue. Now as I spanked and massaged I gently spanked the instide of her thighs and also massaged them. As I did so I drew my fingers down the crack of her bum. More spanking and I began to explore the inside of her thighs gently easing them apart. Anne offered me greater access and I touched her pussy lips. These were already wet but I was going to spank even harder and longer before I did any more exploration.

Five more minutes of spanking showed Anne even more aroused and I slid my fingers through the pussy lips into the warm wet interior and finding her litty I rubbed it rapidly and Anne bucked and cried out before arching her body and crashing down gasping with pleasure.

I stopped and we sat and talked for several minutes about spanking and her dreams and needs. After a drink and chat I told Anne to remove the rest of her clothes and go to the bedroom and lay on her stomach with her legs widely parted. (this where TRUST is everything) When I arrived with the instruments she was lying as instructed and after touching her and massaging her buttocks I took my lightweight strap and began to spank. One dozen, two dozen, three dozen before I stopped. No heavy punishment but plenty of play strapping. I used my fingers to explore her pussy and soon found that she was eager to accept my fingers as I plunged them deeply home. Her legs parted wider and I a dozen thrusts brought her to a climax.

Now it was the cane and again i used it all the way down from her back to her buttocks. gently at first on her back but then slightly harder as I reached her buttocks. I dozen sharper stokes made her squeal with pleasure and my fingers brought to another climax. Anne lay gasping with pleasure as she rested for twenty minutes with her eyes shut and relaxed beathing. This is the way to give pleasure when spanking, lots of little dynamic sessions with periods of rest.

I told Anne to kneel up and show me her buttocks. She did so and I gave her three dozen with my hand across both buttocks. I then told her to lay on her back with her legs apart and I spanked her pussy two dozen times before agin using my fingers for a further orgasm. Time had no meaning for, as with all my sessions, 'it takes as long as it takes' and again we had a break with this time Anne lying on her back with her legs loose and spread as she relaxed. This too me was the best thing of all. Anne had come to find out and was obviously nervous when she arrived but was now ready for anything.
We lay back on my bed for several minutes before I again spanked with my hands and then with the strap. I then introduced her wet pussy to a vibrating dildo. Anne had never tried one and once it was deep inside her she bucked and cried with pleasure. She gasped to her climax and then fell back.
It is impossible to detail everything but finished with me massaging some baby oil into her buttocks and giving her a final climax.. As she left she confirmed that she would be calling for a 'telephone' spanking as a reminder and would be returning in a fortnight or so.

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