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Sensuous Erotic Spanking

This page is about 'sensuous spanking'

What is the difference between this and other spanking?

Sensuous spanking is the development of a relationship between the spanker (or top or dominant) and the spankee (or bottom or submissive) which gradually produces total and complete submission of the bottom and total trust between the partners. The top can only develop this by being sensitive to every nuance of the progress of the submissive as she relaxes into his control. She must finish up with total belief in this control and accept everything which is given to her. This does not mean it is sexual. It is similar to the psychiatrist and his client, or the doctor and his patient it is a complete trust between the two parties.

This is not punishment in any sense and in the next few lines I hope that I can show the way that it should develop. I will uses two main examples the hand and strap and the cane. However if you want to see what must be the definitive article on Sensuous Caning go to Sexuality Org and read the article by Conrad Hudson.

To read my own experiences go to Sensuous Spanking Examples

Preliminary comments

The use of massage etc. Before discussing the use of implements it is important to explain the use of massage and why I emphasis it constantly.

The 'bottom' or spankee is about to undergo stress - this is self-evident - and the 'top' or spanker must do all that he, or she, can to overcome this. It is not our purpose to eliminate pain. This is part of the whole experience but this pain must be within the context of the totality of the experience. If one takes the example of a person being caned as a a punishment as soon as they walk in this is 'cold caning' and means that the person just requires to be beaten. There are plenty who enjoy this and sobeit! The experienced spanker with the usual client knows however that spanking is a progressive experience each stage building on the plateau of the previous level. Thus it is important that at every point the bottom and mind of the spankee is prepared fully for the next stage.

How do we do it?
The best way to proceed is to start with hand-spanking over clothes and to massage the bottom after every few smacks, gradually removing the clothes by lifting the dress and then lowering the knickers as the bottom gets warmer. Without this smoothing, caressing etc the bottom becomes numb and anesthetized and there is no pleasure in the pain only a dull acceptance. The spanking should gradually warm up the bottom while the massaging, kneading and handling keep the blood active and stimulates the nerves in the bottom. At the same time it helps the client to relax into themselves. It is a fact that in cold weather it takes longer to warm up the bottom of a client than in the summer and it is important that after a rest the hand-spanking is used again to to reactivate the bottom before using any other implement. This is a part of the procedure which is not stressed enough and practitioners who do not use use it are causing unnecessary distress to their clients.
Finally in this preamble it should be noted that the massaging etc continues THROUGHOUT the spanking - even during a caning.

Hand and Strap

The first part of this spanking is over the knee or on the lap but it is very difficult to arrange the sub if you are only using one chair as the angles and positions do not allow for relaxation by either party. It is much better to sit on a settee (or sofa) with the sub spread across the top of the legs and lap allowing her to lay horizontal along the settee. This position is very relaxing and if there is a cushion at the head end then the sub can rest her head on this. The alternative is to have two or three chairs, sitting on the centre one.

This will still allow the sub to lay horizontal. Using the settee as a base the spanker sits upright with the sub spread along the lap.


The bottom should be over the spanker's right knee, assuming he/she is right-handed. It is usual to allow the sub to start with her dress still in position and her knickers still on. One point to make is to be sure to deal with both buttocks equally. I have met a sub where the left buttock was much more sensitive than the right because most of the strapping and caning had been done from the left side thus hardening up the right buttock as the end of the strap and the tip of the cane fell there.

Finally the knees should be at least six inches apart, this enables you you tell when the sub is getting restless as they begin to squeeze their legs together.. Once both of you are comfortable you are ready to begin.

Sensuous spanking is a steady progression of force. The hand spanking starts with four or five very gentle spanks with the closed hand across each buttock. The spanker then gently strokes and massages the bottom area before applying another five or ten strokes to each side with slightly greater force. His stroking can continue down the outsides of the legs gently 'whispering' up the inside sliding the dress up as he progresses. the whole effect should be to stimulate the senses and make everything else that happens more erotic. He then lifts the dress over the back exposing the knickers before continuing . Again it is important to massage and stroke the whole buttocks area, top, sides and between the legs, the latter with gentle fingertips to make sure that sensation remains and is being stimulated and enhanced by the combination of the spanks and caresses.


By now the sub is so relaxed as to be almost in a trance and the spanker should during his stroking and caressing slide the knickers down below the thighs to leave the bottom bare for the rest of the spanking.

No heavy spanks.
Keep the touch rhythmic and light as you are trying to enhance the emotion and not shock the sub. Continue like this for several minutes - maybe ten or fifteen - still using the same technique of spanking each side five to ten times alternately and then smoothing and caressing the whole area.

The sub will happily accept one hundred to one hundred and fifty spanks under these conditions. By the time you have finished this part your sub will have relaxed completely and be under your total control. She will TRUST you implicitly!

Now it is time to talk and use the hands all over the body. Keep the sensations in the whole body alive. Let the sub FEEL your hands as they move and explore her feet, calves, thighs, that you can find. You want the bottom relaxed, explore the muscles of the back, buttocks and legs and make them feel a pleasure to the sub wherever you touch. The sub is now completely in your hands and it is time to move on to the strap. For this I would use a lightweight strap with two or three tongues. The sub must be either laid across the settee, along a table or bent over a chair holding on to the lower rungs. In the case of the settee or table make sure that you place a cushion under the buttocks to push them into the air. If using the chair then a cushion on the top will make sure that the sub is standing on tip-toe thus exposing the buttocks better. Again in all cases the legs should be apart. The reason for this is that increases the target area. I will concentrate on the chair position but would remind you that with a table you must move from side to side and with the settee you must change the position of the subs body from left to right occasionally to be sure that you do not favour one buttock over the other.


We must still remind ourselves that this is sensuous spanking and we are not flogging a recalcitrant bottom. We will give some pain but the sting imparted with each blow must gradually become a warm glow which permeates the sub.

Assuming the dominant starts from the left, lay the strap across the buttocks to ensure that the end just reaches the middle of the far buttock.

As I explained in a earlier page this is because the very action of striking drags the arm across the body meaning that the end of the strap will reach the far side of the right buttock but NOT curl round and damage the sides.

The arm is drawn back and the strap is snapped across the buttocks. Each strike is just enough to bring a reaction but not to cause acute discomfort. It should just sink into the bottom leaving red marks but no bruising or lines. The strap works its way from the centre of the buttocks upwards and downwards always striking rhythmically. use the the strap to slap gently at the upper thighs, where the fold below the buttocks is. This again will enhance the effect BUT no hard strikes here. Take the strap up and down the back and let it slither across the spine down to the buttocks. Again after about ten strokes then the hand soothes and massages the reddened area as well as caressing between the legs. The action is repeated again before changing sides to give the left buttock the firmest strike. As the spanker continues with his actions he can step up the strength of the blows. Again as with hand spanking this can continue for up to one hundred strokes. With many clients these actions are enough to stimulate an erotic impulse. The spanker cannot control this but whatever the sub does he must still continue his spanking. Often the end is an orgasm by the client but again I must emphasize that the spanker is NOT there for sex and should not react in any way.

The Cane

As I stated at the top even when using the cane, you should start with the hand-spanking as this gets the bottom in the right relaxed state for the experience. I will assume that you have read the notes above.
Although the ideal caning position is laying down on a table with a cushion to raise the buttocks I find that this is very difficult to achieve because of the lack of availability. I will therefore assume that you are using a chair.


As with the strap the client must be laid right over the back of the chair so that they are on tip-toe leaving the full buttock area exposed to the cane. The hands must be stretched down to grasp the bar below the seat and the feet either side of the chair legs.

The legs should be spread so that the feet are outside the chair legs. This is the perfect exposed position which allows for full play.

To most people the cane is a fearsome instrument associated with punishment so it is important to keep the relaxed feelings they have by making the cane an instrument of pleasure rather than dread.

The bottom is a large target and as long as you remember a few simple rules then there is nothing to fear. Do not strike high - this should be impossible if you have the bottom in the correct place and using a good technique. Do not strike too low - the thighs are not the place to hit. Do not raise the cane above the head but keep it horizontal or even hitting slightly upwards. Flick do not swing the arm. Experiment with a cushion and try to hit from on high or with a fixed arm I will bet that you miss the target more often than you hit!

The bottom is in position and ready.
They are fearful of the cane so now you tease them. Strike gently, two or three light strokes quickly, try to make the cane hardly touch the skin and then two or three taps slightly harder.The breathing of the bottom will now be more relaxed and ready. Remember still keep massaging and caressing. Watch and feel the muscles and you should be able to see and feel them relaxing. Now try a harder stroke between the lighter ones - not hard but harder. This will alert the bottom to the next stage without alarming them. Now you can continue using a few harder strokes within the overall use of the cane. You can apply light strokes to the inside of the thighs just 'touching' but not striking the vulva. At no time must you use it with power - it is your control which will make the experience pleasurable while still having that special effect on the bottom.


Using this technique you can continue for quite a long time, up to fifty or sixty strokes are not unusual, without ever distressing the sub. Remember that the caressing and loving is still important. As at all times only experience can show when is the right moment to stop. The nearest I can suggest is when the sub is completely relaxed and breathing normally, almost as though asleep, you will feel that NOW is the moment. Then finish with two sharp, but not cruel, strokes which will often finish them off and bring them to orgasm.

The bottom should now be in a state of complete submission and a look at the example will show that the buttocks are well reddened and still in a state of stimulation within the acceptable target area. The cane marks show but they only show as red lines without any dark purple weals which are the results left after punishment beatings.
What happens now? If the sub has come on their own then a cup of tea and a talk is all before sending them on their way, or leaving their home if you are visiting. If they have come as a couple then leave them on their own to make their own dispositions.

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